Its a Wrap! Connected Citizens a Smashing Success


Connected Citizens has been a smashing success in collective forecasting. We had over 500 players, from over 50 countries, play over 6700 cards. All in the span of 24 26 hours of game play. Core issues of governance, from openesss and transparency, to representation and voting, to taxes and funding models were covered. The wonks had their say, but so did the visionaries and revolutionaries. Players explored governance of space, new technologies that could disrupt (and improve) how government works, and new forms of citizenship for the digital age.

Once our heads stop spinning from all the intellectual excitement, we will dive in and begin our analysis. And you can too. Game data will be available for public access and analysis. We hope you’ll derive some key insights from the wealth of data generated and quality ideas that have been submitted. follow @iftf on twitter for further updates and to continue the conversation. And get out there and make your government and your communities better!


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