First Glimpses of the Future of Connected Citizenship

Connected Citizens is underway and already our citizen-forecasters have risen to the occaision. In just the first half-hour, we’ve seen some novel ideas, feasible innovations in the next decade:

  • MR points out how Iceland opened up its constitutional re-writing process online.
  • Moose suggests┬ápre-emptive home energy audits that would be used to target incentives

But they are also nailing some key systemic issues. “What are the barriers to creating these new civic innovations?” we have asked as a challenge.

  • “User interface!” exclaims Denis Pansu, “we are at prehistoric era of participation.”
  • “Tyranny of the time-rich…?” asks justinpickard, calling into question the motivations and prospects for crowdsourcing delivery of public services.

We’re just scratching the surface. More great ideas, builds and plot twists are coming in every minute.


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3 Responses to First Glimpses of the Future of Connected Citizenship

  1. charles_schultz says:

    I may be stupid, but I don’t see an obvious way to track themes or subjects if they are not tagged. “Top keywords” is not helpful.

    Is there an index of all conversations, to be viewed in a threaded format?

  2. Anthony Townsend says:

    we build one by hand afterwards, but not during the game. its a feature we want to add in the future.

  3. charles_schultz says:

    Perhaps show the top 5 (or 10) cards of the current build? Right now, one has to click one’s way up or down.