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What is the goal of the Connected Citizens game?

The goal is to facilitate a global conversation that generates new ideas for how governments and citizens can work together to create better services and better communities.

How does it work?

Connected Citizens is a collaborative forecasting game designed to bring together networks and voices from all over the world—previously unlinked—to create insights for change.

How long does it take to play?

Some players will spend 5 minutes reviewing what other players are saying, others will play for a few hours while the game is live and track their score on the leaderboard. Warning: once you start it may be hard to stop! The game will only be open for 24 hours.

Where is it?

You can participate wherever you happen to be on January 22-23—all you need is Internet access!

What does participation involve?

There are many paths to participate:

Will I see the results from the game?

You can see player responses at any point during the game on the game dashboard. Game guides will also highlight interesting ideas and winning chain reactions with awards and shout-outs in the game blog.

Why Connected Citizens?

New civic technologies are changing the relationship between people and their governments. In many places around the world, governments are struggling to provide core services, while citizens are demanding more. In a time of both resource constraint and massive disruption, creativity and new ideas are necessary to keep our cities and communities functioning well.

Where can I find out more?

Fast Company Co.Exist—”Foresight Engine Asks The Crowd To Change The Future“ Forbes—“Over to You Mr. Smarty-Pants: How Would You Fix the World?“ Journal of Futures Studies—Massively Multiplayer Forecasting

What do I do if I have questions?

Connected Citizens—email Jake Dunagan, or Anthony Townsend

Foresight Engine—email Sean Ness at

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