Final Push: 3 Hours Left!

For the past 21 hours, social inventors from around the world have been reprogramming government services.  Now it’s time for the final push.  With only 3 hours left, we need your best ideas.

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 9.09.57 AMHow can we mobilize citizens to fill the cracks in a rapidly shrinking public sector?

As we rush into the future of connected citizens, what are we leaving behind?

Just joining us?  More on how to play can be found here.


Game guides will be watching closely during these last 3 hours of gameplay. They will give out awards to highlight players who are stepping up to win a mission by solving particular problems or making extraordinary contributions. Here are some of the awards that are at play:

Social Inventor: Most creative citizen-led idea for using civic technology.
Penny Pincher: Most creative idea for stretching government and citizen resources.
Bucky Fuller: Most comprehensive idea for redesigning government.
Johnny Appleseed: Most portable idea that can be quickly duplicated in many jurisdictions around the world.
Mayor: Most visionary government-led idea for using civic technology.


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