Gaming Governance

It goes to figure that when you’re playing a game to reimagine governance, the topic of using game elements in government is going to come up. What surprised me is the range of different ways game mechanics can be applied to governance.

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Currently, interacting with government services involves voting once a year, writing letters (and rarely getting any response), or demonstrating in the street. Game-style interfaces give instant feedback on whether your actions are effective, and they provide ways to network and coordinate with peers and you get reputation or ranking systems. Imagine if government had that!

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If a reputation system was put in place, it could provide incentive for people to become more involved.

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There is also a theoretical side to gaming governance. Gaming platforms allow individuals or entire communities to experience different systems or models of governance. This lets people take action on serious issues without serious risk of failure. If a solution to a problem is found, then everyone might have the opportunity to experience the solution virtually.

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While the technology might not be fully realized yet, we have a sufficient level to start experimenting with game mechanics in governance.

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