Rewarding social engagement

There has been a fascinating conversation about the motives and interests of both citizens and civil servants.

Wissam suggested creating “long tail” incentives for civil servants to do good, long term work (as opposed to short term optimisation).


User Rainertrust thought this might skew people’s motivations. however.

incentives 3

Dryson suggested that money wasn’t the main issue; finding meaning was.

incentives 2

User Wahine_Ma suggests that beyond a certain point, financial incentives for citizens and civil servants might warp motivations.

incentives 1

SamGTA then suggested that people are “good” in public primarily for altruistic motives to make a difference.  Thus rewarding them with recognition or “points” might be the most useful way to encourage civic behaviour.

Incentives 4


The notion of time-banks and other forms of non-monetary recognition and exchange was also suggested by Cssmith.




Incentives 5

How might this work?  Capt_Stargazer suggested one way; the creation of a “Citizen Governors Corp” to formally recognize this motive in citizens and civil servants.

Incentives 6


What other reasons might people (citizens and others) engage in civic activity?  And how could they be recognized and encouraged to do so?

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