It Takes The Whole World to Make a Good Forecast

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 4.06.24 PMFor the more than 18 months since we first came up with the idea of throwing a 24-hour, no-holds-barred Foresight Engine brainstorm on the future of citizenship and government, our hopes for engaging a global audience were high. Less than an hour in, we’ve already exceeded my expectations.

There are players hailing from the many hotspots of open gov innovation in the United States – the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

Internationally, Finland, Canada, Dubai, Belgium and the United Kingdom have each fielded some impressive early provocations. A group of a dozen organized by the French Next Generation Internet Foundation, which has been a trailblazer in activism on this topic, is playing from Paris.

And Christchurch, New Zealand is well-represented. We’re happy to see them coming back for more foresight – its the community where one of the most successful Foresight Engines of all time took place in 2011, Magnetic South. It’s no surprise they’re sharing some pretty good forecasts – because of New Zealand’s position across the International Date Line, its already tomorrow morning in Christchurch. They’re literally playing from the future!

As the Earth makes a full rotation over the next 24-hours, we’re looking forward to the new places and players greeting each sunrise with a strong cup of foresight on the future of citizenship and government!

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