Where to, Transparency?

The concept of transparency in government is almost assumed these days. But how is this playing out here, on Connected Citizens? For some it means getting access to raw data, from spreadsheets, real-time video feeds, or pricing, whether in education, health, or innovation/intellectual property. How well you visualize those data, and highlight this over that, will certainly involve artful persuasion.

For others, transparency means an ability to read between or around the facts: broadcasting who meets whom, tracking lobbying dollars, special interests and the like.

One metaphor for governance that I’ve seen used a lot is energy efficiency. The suggestions are that we might be better off tracking government spending and decisions in the same way that we track energy usage in homes and neighborhoods. You can trace the fingers of corruption through reported events and abuses.

Let’s imagine for a moment, however, that it’s 10 years down the line, and we are living in a world of greater transparency. What’s different now? What structures and practices have bubbled to the top? How will these actually change behavior? What new accountabilities and responsibilities have been created? How will more people in communities and around the world, actually participate in political, economic and social decisions that affect their lives? Game on, connected citizens!

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